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About us

Allany’s Agriq adds value to agricultural commodities to meet export standards for shipment to Europe, Asia, and America.
About Us


Allanvs Agriq is an international commodity trading house whose service is centralized on product sourcing, cultivation, trade and export.

It was founded and established by Olumide Akintayo as Easy links Food Ltd in 2012. It was later changed to Allany’s Agriq in 2017 by Olumide Akintayo, currently the Lead investor of Allany’s Agriq.

Allany’s Agriq is an agribusiness value chain company with an interest in the trade and aggregation of cashew nuts, sesame seeds,soybeans, maize, shea nuts and, palm kernel. With over ten years of trusted experience in Agriculture, Allany’s Agriq offers consultancy services and support services to large-scale farmers and small-scale farmers. Allany’s Agriq exclusuve services include; Investment in cashew, cattle, and sesame seed.

Other Allany’s Agriq services include; farming of cashew, farming of groundnut, cattle rearing, garri processing and, agricultural haulage . Allany’s Agriq is a culture of excellence that places a strong emphasis on fulfilling the needs of customers, partners, and suppliers to foster long-term relationships with them.

The company strategy is to stay customer-oriented and continue diversity in trade and geographies to become a global conglomerate.

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Mission Statement

To build a trans-generational and global agricultural value chain.

Vision Statement

To be a major employer of labor through our value chain of farming, trading, logistics and, processing while creating wealth for stakeholders.

Why Choose Us

Home of quality farm produce made up of the following;


tonnes of commodities traded annually


acres of land for animal and crop production.


business stations.


tonnes per day grain cleaning machines used to add value to the grains from the farm gate.

We Have More Then 1235+ Global Partners

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Allany’s Agriq Team Includes;

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